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The second (and probably last) installment of the Seinfeld-and-Gates commercials hit the screens last month. This time, 3x longer, 3x funnier! This time the incredibly rich duo try to connect on a “normal people” level and kind of fail utterly!

Watch the full length 4 min video where Jerry Seinfeld & Bill Gates meet the "New Family"! And as much as I enjoyed the Shoe Circus episode, I really love this new ad. You can't help but draw co-relations between the Mac, the PC and the deemed hopeless, Vista OS! So many underlining messages... so ridiculously smart to me! My pearly whites were showing at end when the two were eventually evicted after they were accused of stealing a tchotchke from Mexico. While pulling their rolling suitcases down a suburban street, Bill did this hilarious robot boot down, boot up act! I must say Gates is starting to appeal a lot more after his retirement.

At around the same time, Microsoft release a more conventional "I'm A PC" ad. Microsoft decided to cann the Seinfeld-and-Gates commercials for THIS!?!? It's still a good ad... but less intelligent. There are not many memorable MS ads, this one will go down in history as one of them. And Deepak Chopra... not funny...


  1. how about this particular online mag?...

    enuff of PCvsMac! :-D

  2. I must say... very interesting magazine...

    Well, there will always be a war between the Mac and the PC. It's just like Pepsi and Coke, 7-up and Sprite, A&W Rootbeer and Rootbeer Mug!

    I like it that "I'm A Mac" has portrayed itself as 'Cool dudes', but the "I'm A PC" is EVERYONE ELSE! Advisement wise... let's see how they play out!


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