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Stephen Elop, Microsoft's Business Division President, recently presented that vision as part of this year's TechFest. Seems like our trusty wallets stuffed to the brim with name cards, receipts, expired coupon vouchers; every else but hard cold cash will soon be a thing of the past.

But as much as I love technology, it's only as good as how much easier and more enjoyable it makes life.

Just the other day, John and I had a conversation about work. It's strange cause with more 'technologies' in our lives, we're suppose to LESS work and have MORE time! Somewhere along the way, something must have gone horribly wrong as each day we're swamped with MORE emails then we can handle, MORE support calls then ever and MORE reports to generate! Are we smarter today then yesterday? Funny how we end up spending more time at work.

Is it a case of poor time management or information overload?

I remind myself today that the TechChick will rule of her technologies! I will get my time to enjoy the little pleasures of life :)



    This may explain why better technology makes us busier

  2. Nice insight. We start off wanting more... then we want less... and then little by little we have gotten ourselves all tangled up again. And the circle goes on and on and on...

    We are "Fan Jian" creatures.

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