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You know people write New Year Resolutions as their 1st post of the year and pretty much never keep them...
And in tradition of not doing one and since in 2012, I wrote a post on My Bucket List - What if I Die Tomorrow?, I thought I will start off this year by sharing "101 Things You May Not Know About Me"!

Have a Great 2015!

1) I'm a sucker for things that glow in the dark
2) I think I am a geek at heart, but often I am really not interested in the techie details. It's very misleading…
3) My car of choice is the Jeep Wrangler, which I know I will hear an earful from my mom if I ever really purchased it!
4) My 2nd choice for a car is the BMW X5
5) My first car was a 1987 red Honda City with black and white cow print seat covers. My housemate used to joke that if I scrapped off the body paint, it will reveal Thai Pineapple tin cans
6) I'm impulsive in too many levels
7) I have a secret passion for cooking. I truly wish I had more time to pursue it
8) My favourite local dish has to be the Chilli Crab
9) Eating a juicy piece of medium rare beef steak with a thin layer of meltable fat make me happy
10) Cheese and white wine makes my day
11) My favourite fruit is a green apple
12) I eat rice more than anything else
13) My mom is the best cook I know. I am fortunate to get to eat her cooking ever so often
14) Chilli and spicy food is like my life. My Sin Sei has advised me to massively cut it down for the good of my health… I feel like my life is over
15) When it comes to alcoholic drinks, I am really more a cocktail kindda gal. But don’t give me those weak pinkish, girly kindda drink
16) Divers are proven to be more fun people. I am a diver
17) I dived up close and personal to a Dugong (local version of a Manatee). Fed her sea grass and touched her velvety soft skin with my bare hands
18) My favourite Disney Princess is Snow White. She is the only authentic looking one with short black hair, smaller eyes and a slightly plump physic. Every other princess just changed the hair and skin colour
19) I have a sponsored child who lives in the Bo Kluea region of Thailand
20) I've gone with VERY minimum sleep for a stretch of 7 days during my diploma days. I was literally a waking Zombie
21) I sleep on an average about 6 hours every day
22) But trust me, I can really sleep. I was once on a 5 days live on-board dive trip that I slept throughout except to dive, eat and go to the toilet. Everyone on-board was amazed at how much I could sleep!
23) My ability to sleep anywhere, anytime in any condition was trained during my days on film productions. With exceeding long hours on a film shoot, catching a shut eye in between shots was essential
24) I only started being short-sighted when I started post-production work in video editing
25) My name means 'Born At Christmas', but in actual fact, I was really born on Good Friday
26) My middle name is Faith
27) At labour term, 97% of babies are born head first. I belong to the remaining 3% that is born breech
28) Most people think I am a Cantonese cause I speak the dialect very well, but I'm actually a Nonya Peranakan
29) My great great grandfather is Yap Ah Loy, founder of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
30) Don't mess with my family
31) As of 2014, I have visited in record 134 unique countries, states or cities
32) I am very versatile when it comes to traveling. I can shop till you drop in Seoul or beach bum at length in Boracay
33) To the surprise of many, though I've visited many countries, I actually do not enjoy traveling as much as people think I do
34) The coldest I've ever experienced was -35 Degrees Celsius. Such degree of cold cannot be described…
35) I kissed the Sphinx of Giza in Cairo
36) Watching the sun rise on the top of Mount Sinai (2,285 m) in the Sinai Peninsula of Egypt was one of the most beautiful experiences I had. It was a breath-taking sight as the warm rays of the sun lit the land, I truly felt God's wonder
37) It takes me between 30 - 45mins to shower and dress up
38) I actually enjoy listening and watching opera. This interest developed only in 2008 when I supported my friend who performed in Giacomo Puccini's Turandot
39) My first musical was Bugsy Malone performed by an all child cast in Broadway, London when I was 7 years old
40) When I got my first official pay check while working as a contract on a Canadian animation pilot series, I purchased myself a SONY Discman. Back then, it was the coolest gadget to own
41) I am not a breakfast person
42) I can be very convincing. I believe I can sell anything. But somehow, I won't go into sales…
43) I am very likely able to influence you in more than a few ways
44) On 1 January 2012, I wrote my Bucket List
45) I'm a Red colour gal, most people think that Yellow is my colour
46) My nickname in Primary School was 黒兔子or Black Rabbit. I was very tan when I was young. If I can recall correctly, the nickname was given by the school bus uncle
47) If I have to pick a favourite animal, it will be the otter
48) I have green fingers that I will eventually cultivate
49) My first computer was a Western Digital x486 Computer. It cost over S$3,000 back in the early 90s
50) I've never smoked. Not even a puff. Most people find it hard to believe
51) When I laugh, I laugh loud and whole heartedly
52) I can't play any musical instrument… except for 2 family cords on the guitar and egg shaking… does that count?
53) I have a serious fascination with the Lost World of Atlantis. I totally believe it is real!
54) One day, I want to pick up astronomy more seriously. Before that, I will buy myself a serious enough telescope
55) And at some point also pick up Psychology
56) I have a thing for history. Yes I am more old school and old soul than I really want to admit
57) I am a true blue 80s kid. Test me
58) My childhood involved; Roller-skating, Pound Puppies, Horror VHS Videos, Stunts in the Swimming Pool, 80s MTV and Ice Kachang
59) My childhood playground was the five foot way and back alleys of Chinatown
60) My fav childhood snack is Kueh Tu-Tu stuffed with coconut. Some old love never die…
61) I fence Foil and Épée. Fencing changed my perspective of swords
62) I really don't like guns very much
63) My reflex and balancing skills are above average
64) Given the chance, I will take up golf a lot more seriously
65) I named my Scott Contessa MTB, Rocky Racoon. She's a diva bike
66) My longest single day cycle was a total distance of 180km from Mersing to Malacca in 2007. I couldn't feel my ass after the ride
67) If I had my way; I'd be chilling by the pool, busking in the sun most of the time
68) Best game ever, The Legend of Zelda. I am a hard core fan
69) My life is filled with more Black and Whites than shades of Gray
70) Good deals hardly come my way; almost never
71) Pardon me, but ballet is such a… *yawn*
72) I can never decide between monsters or robots. Don't make me choose
73) I want a real robot maid
74) I like anything pirates. Arrrgh!
75) I am a huge fan of quirky things from ThinkGeek, Fred And Friends, Joseph Joseph, DCI and Spinning Heads
76) I am still wondering if I am more idealistic or pragmatic
77) I scored 95 points on a Happiness Index. It read "You are on cloud nine! You don't need much guidance about how to become happier."
78) I often think too much… sometimes I don't think enough
79) My previous career was in animation. Pixar's Toy Story was my turning point
80) Movie directors that rock; Tim Burton, Terry Gilliam, Quentin Tarantino, Wong Kar Wai, Akira Kurosawa, Henry Selick, Takashi Miike
81) One day I will produce a children illustrated story book on the Kuchinta Cat. I've been talking about doing this for the longest time
82) I am an extrovert that really don't mind staying alone at home
83) I've chosen my funeral songs. My friends already know them
84) Having eaten Fugu (a deadly poisonous fish) and Octopus Sashimi (with the suction of chopped up tentacles on my tongue and gums)… I cannot decide which Japanese cuisine is more bizarre
85) I am very sentimental
86) I am a lover of Shakespeare
87) I am a modern art museum junkie
88) I support deserving aspiring designers that dare to be creative
89) I'd very much love to own a bathtub but I dread the thought that I have to wash it clean all the time. I'm anal about toilet cleanliness
90) I don't like anything too sweet. I shiver at the taste of artificial sugar. But I dig Garrett's Chicago Mix (a tossup of CheeseCorn and CaramelCrisp) and Krispy Kreme originals. I know, my friends roll their eyes at me…
91) I have a Facebook account that I hardly visit. I really should be using it more though I don't know why
92) All the friends that I have in Facebook are people I really know. If you are not on my Facebook chances are I either don't know you or don't want to know you
93) I'm a book kind of reader. I still enjoy flipping through real pages. iPads and Kindles still cannot replace the experience for me
94) Any problem that can be solved by money isn't truly a real problem to me
95) Math with fractions, alphabets and funny characters are my greatest downfall
96) If I won a million dollars... ... But in all honesty I really wouldn’t know how I would win a million dollars cause I don't gamble
97) If I wanted something bad enough, I probably already bought it
98) I've been so blessed to have met Pope John Paul II twice, once in Singapore 1986 and another at World Youth Day (WYD) Manila, Philippines 1995. I've met a man that became a Saint
99) Besides Pope John Paul II, I've also met Pope Benedict XVI once at WYD Sydney, Australia 2008. It would be an honour if I could meet Pope Francis, he is pretty awesome
100) I am a student of Pope Saint John Paul II's Theology of the Body. Truly living it out every day of my life continues to be a call to depend on God's strength
101) The most precious gift my parents bestowed upon me was the gift of Baptism and the chance to know Jesus. For that, I am eternally grateful

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