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Natasha is the Russian version of the American baby girl name, Natalia or more commonly known as Natalie. The name derives from Latin Dies Natalies, meaning "Natal Day" or "Birthday" in reference to the traditional birth of Jesus. Simply put, the name means "Born on Christmas". Traditionally given to girls born around Christmas, a gift from God and a bearer of hope. Coincidentally, Natasha is also a female Muslim name, meaning "Gift of Allah".

My mom picked this name for me at birth. Ironically, I was born on Good Friday; in my opinion the event when God sealed His love with us eternally. My birth date is no where near the birth of Jesus, but rather at his death. I find it amusing how my mom picked a name so contrasting of my birth, and more often than not; I am convinced she didn't really know the meaning of my name when she picked it. She denies it (of cause)... And as I ponder upon the two biggest moments in Christian history, I find myself intimately involved... by Birth and by Name. My mom is an awesome name giver (no doubt about that)... But it's hard to believe that God did not have a hand in this...

"Do not fear, for I have redeemed you;
I have called you by name: you are mine."
- Isaiah 43:1
"Before I formed you in the womb I knew you,
before you were born I set you apart;
I appointed you as a prophet to the nations."
- Jeremiah 1:5
People with the name Natasha tend to initiate events, to be leaders rather than followers, with powerful personalities. They tend to be focused on specific goals, experience a wealth of creative new ideas, and have the ability to implement these ideas with efficiency and determination. They have a deep inner desire to create and express themselves, often in public speaking, acting, writing or singing. They also yearn to have beauty around them in their home and work environment. They tend to be courageous and sometimes aggressive. As unique, creative individuals, they tend to resent authority, and are sometimes stubborn, proud, and impatient.

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