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Yesterday was an interesting night "Looking at Germany" at the Alliance Française. Strangely, the event wasn't held at the Goethe-Institut despite it being all about Germany... 3 renowned film-makers; Roberto Rossellini, Alain Resnais and Jean-Luc Godard presented films and documentaries that are precise and clearly focused on German introspection after WWII.

The memories of my pilgrimage to Poland still lingers strong. The docu-film "Night And Fog" [1955/6] featured the real deal of life in the concentration camps. Based on exclusive film material this documentary reconstructs the horror of the Nazi death machinery during Hitler´s dictatorship. By creating a non-chronological montage from the color pictures of the dreary present and the black-and-white shots of the terrible past, Resnais effectively creates a paradox: a documentary film that is not only politically and socially important, but also one that succeeds aesthetically. The script for the film was written by concentration camp survivor Jean Cayrol.

Imagine a kitchen scene; where slabs of human bodies lined the floor... a basket of human heads sits near by. Human flesh is used to make soup for the prisoners, bone ash used as fertilizers, hair for jackets and woolen mats and human skin for leather! On an average; a grown man weighs around 30kg upon death, till a point they almost all look alike. At liberation, the grounds lay so many dead bodies that a shovel truck is required to push piles of flesh to their graves.
Human life was made so worthless... so demeaning... It amazes me how humans can resort to being this cruel and heartless... almost with no sense of remorse and respect for life...

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