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Choice Cross, originally uploaded by natashayong.

I've been "arrowed" (as what Edmund likes to term it) to design a souvenir for the Choice 216 weekend. Basically around the theme of what we intend to do after the weekend. Words are probably the most powerful and direct way to convey the message. The design intention was to form the text around either a the shape of a cross or a heart. But upon a deeper analysis of what the words screamed out, each of us carry the desire for some change within us and yet we can do nothing without Christ who gives us the strength. At the heart of the cross is Choice 216, a seed planted within us that hopefully will someday blossom and bear fruits.

My team wanted to put this design onto a coffee mug, but with a budget of $3.00; I'm not even sure if we can churn out anything decent.

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  1. Hey, I happened to chance on this. Good work!! Hope that the talks are not encoded in the cross?? How's the souvenior coming along? Good work on the ARROW!! Take care!


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