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I last remembered this place as a city filled with millions of people. After more then 10 years since my last visit... it's still clustered with traffic of cars, people, smoke, constructions and lots more skyscrapers. This trip was purely for business, no sight-seeing, no luxurious stays and no SHOPPING! I so missed the huge packets of dried mangoes Stephen and Hendry brings back each time they return home.

I never remembered disliking this place, but it's certainly not an exciting holiday destination. The traffic, heat and pollution just turns you off. Amidst the advanced towering buildings, there are still lots of poor hawkers and street vendors. It's much harder to close the poverty and rich gab now. Somehow everyone just seems to be rushing around, busy making ends meet. I'm sure there are nice rural getaways, I'm just ignorant of any. Bali sounds nice...

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