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Halloween Bus Party 27102007 006 Halloween Bus Party 27102007 007 Halloween Bus Party 27102007 013
Dressing up for Halloween!

A little known fact - I feel like I've been celebrating Halloween all my life. I grew up with neighbours who were Americans (Rodney & Nicky) and Japaneses (Jun & Rok). With the rest of the other childhood gang, we'd go trick-or-treating from door to door. Which child will resist a bag filled of candies and sweet treats?!?!

The horror buff in me grew up with a shit load of B-grade VHS horror movie flicks my neighbours and I would borrow for (back then) 3 bucks at the nearby video tape rental shop. We'd draw the curtains with chips and coke; scaring ourselves silly with cheap productions like 'Troll', 'Child's Play', 'Dolls', 'The Omen' and our evergreen horror favourite 'The Exorcist'. That Linda Blair 360 degree head turning and mighty puke scene still gives me the creeps!

I grew "older" with Halloween House get-togethers - horror movie screenings, Devil's Curry Pot-luck and costume dress up. All in good fun and company.

I had no reservations when Anne asked if I wanted to go on this Halloween Bus Tour - dress up, pub hop, VIP access, lots of booze; all for SGD$30. I instantly went "Okie!" Then I almost had a hour of lecture from the gal who suggested the event in the 1st place. About how we're opening ourselves to the vulnerabilities of unclean spirits at Halloween. She felt uneasy and I went "Sure it does... if you don't feel comfortable... you really shouldn't go...". Perhaps because of the way I grew up with Halloween, I really had no issues whatsoever.

I ended up calling Wendy and we were all in for the ride!

Halloween Bus Party 27102007 003
The horns never go wrong

The next mammoth task was deciding what we should disguise as. I'm a believer that Halloween is about exposing our dark side. No angels, sweetie pie cutesy __________ (fill in the blanks) or just coming as yourself. I didn't mind characters which bring about dark humour which sparked off a conversation at Villa Bali during drinks one weekend.

It was while I was sipping on my blue frozen daiquiri that Celeste started throwing out all these wicked, out of this world character ideas. While Wendy was almost set on going as Morticia from the hit comedy 'The Adam's Family', Celeste blurted "How about going as a Mortician?" One with deep eye rings, sunken cheeks; one who never sees daylight and is constantly surrounded by the smell of death! She further suggested holding a bottle of freezy pink embalming fluid. Wendy loved the idea so much, she adopted it! I pressed Celeste for another similar brilliant suggestion, and as she sipped gingerly on her Frangipani Mocktail she suddenly went "PAP, PAP..."

It took me a second to figure out what she meant, but when it dawned onto me how hilarious coming as a 'representative' the of local political party was; my guts almost spilled out laughing! All I needed was to dress prim and proper in all white with a Vanda Miss Joaquim pinned to my left and a homemade PAP badge stuck to the shirt's collar! There was nothing scary... yet EXTREMELY scary!!!
I loved how wicked the idea sounded and Celeste's idea really threw me off course!

So for the whole week I was contemplating coming as a PAP member. But since I've never attended the Bus Party, I was seriously concerned about being 'politically outstanding' at such a Halloween Event. The last thing I would want is to be thrown in jail for 'mis-representation' of some sorts.

On the faithful party day, I fell back on my original idea of a sexy devil. Since I already have the horns and it's always easy to slip into something black. All I needed was some evil make-up which Wendy gladly help paint on.

Halloween Bus Party 27102007 015 Halloween Bus Party 27102007 017 Halloween Bus Party 27102007 033
So it was Wendy the Mortician, Nat the Devil and Anne the Witch

Characters from my widest horror and fantasy movies popped out of celluloid into real flesh as we arrived at The Loof at Odeon Towers, Bras Bahsa.
It was everything imaginable and unimaginable!
It was like a huge horror fest get-together. Everyone was geared up in their Halloween best for the annual infamous Halloween Bus Tour, jointly organized by ThePartyMan, FunkGuru and Maxxium Singapore. The event boasts of gathering the largest number of costume-clad revelers on board 5 buses for the biggest ghostly club-crawl! Locations of the other pub venues remained a mystery till it was later revealed.

The who's who in the Horror Industry were all spotted.
Freddy Kreuger from 'Nightmare On Elm's Street', Jason from 'Friday the 13th', Jigsaw from 'Saw' (though I've never watched the film with it's 4th sequel recently released), Rosemary from 'Rosemary's Baby', Dr. Hannibal Lecter from 'The Silence of the Lambs', Harry Potter from 'Harry Potter', Captain Jack Sparrow from 'Pirates of the Caribbean', Stormtrooper from 'Star Wars', Scream from 'Scream' and my personal all time fave V from 'V for Vendetta'!

There were also a couple of not scary but totally in character ones like Austin Powers, Mario from Nintendo's Mario Bros, Gwen Stefani with her Key (which Michelle came as - apparently it took her 3 hours to cut the key) and the iPods!!! Like Huh!!!

What I absolutely loved was how in character these folks were in their customers.
Every answer came out almost classic!

Halloween Bus Party 27102007 072 Halloween Bus Party 27102007 083 Halloween Bus Party 27102007 035

To the Priest,
"Bless me father, for I've sinned..."
Priest: "You're blessed, You're blessed my child..."

To the Bloodied Chef,
"So what did you cook?"
Chef: "Something I was not supposed to..."

To Mario,
"Where Yoshi"
Mario: "He's Busy!?!?" (Yeah, what can a green dinosuar be busy with?)

Halloween Bus Party 27102007 136
To Santa (Joshua),
"What you giving out today?" (looking at his red sack)
Santa: "Damn, I should have bought fries from Macdonalds and start throwing them at the crowd!" (Huh!!!)

Halloween Bus Party 27102007 048
To the Tennis Player,
"Which Tennis Player are you?"
Tennis Player: "Ummm... I dunno - maybe John Mcenroe?
"Nahhh... you look more like Pete Sampras "
Tennis Player: "Oh yah... maybe Pete Sampras... the old school kind"
Then he showed me his head band and calf length socks...
"and the racket?"
Tennis Player: "Oh that's my purse!?!?!"

He wins best character answer hands down!

Halloween Bus Party 27102007 037
There was also Austin Powers who fiddled with red horns saying, "Do I make you horny, Baby!"

Halloween Bus Party 27102007 093
Dancing ourselves silly at the gay pub, Play! (Tanjong Pagar)

We partied the night through at the other pubs, hopping on our 'Night Safari' Bus to Timbre, Play! and Attica. We were drowned with vodka and Tequila straight from the bottle as we made our way to each pit stop. Then more drinks and more dancing till Anne can hardly keep her eyes open!

In good 'Spirits', Happy Halloween!

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