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Just 2 months back, the kids had a blast with their version of a Camp Fire. This time round, the YOUTH from the City District Parishes (St. Bernadette, Our Lady of Lourdes, Scared Heart, Novena, St. Teresa, St. Joseph, St. Micheal, St. Peter and Paul and Good Shepherd) came together for the inaugural City District Youth Day.

What was suppose to be a beautiful ME DAY with my Paulo Coelho "The Alchemist" novel ended up having me scrabbling to the youth day by evening. I sort of got the dates mixed up and Debbie's camp at my parish pretty much confused me totally. In a way, I was still very happy I had a good part of the afternoon to myself, a needed recipe to keeping me sane.

As usual, the STYG youth were working hard to play good hosts since the event was held within our compounds. Many took up some form of leadership roles with the activities and amongst the other youth. It was definitely a heartening sight to see the support of the various parish priests at the event. Sometimes you listen to the kind of shit the youth go through and you know how much work these priests have cut out for them. It's not an easy world to grow up in these days... maybe it never was... but you'll see the difference of a youth with Christ in their life and one without.

Fr. Simon Pereira rightfully shared planting good seeds in our young is an investment for their future. I look upon the eyes of these young ones and I know God is working through them.

City District Youth Day 12012008 08
Parish priests from the City District takes the torch for the 1st flame

City District Youth Day 12012008 40
The youth doing the train dance to the "Chi-Wa-Wa"!

City District Youth Day 12012008 45
Design of the Poster and T-shirt print by Steve and myself. It was fun working together and we got free ice-cream sponsored by Dennis

More City District Youth Camp 2008 Pictures

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