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Sundown Marathon 2009 Group Pic 01
Here's the rundown at the SUNDOWN!

1:00pm (30 May)
The Fun Sophisticated Princesses II met at 1pm for a carbo lunch before checking into the Changi Village Hotel which I got at a ridiculously affordable corporate rate. Remembering exactly a year back, when the 1st Sundown Marathon 2008 was held at the same venue. I was in the very same hotel - but for a very different occasion... a Hen Party! Bunking over at the hotel was probably the best choice we made for the marathon. Nothing beats knowing you have a hot shower and a cozy bed just a stone's throw away from the marathon grounds.

Charlie's Corner
Carbo lunch at Charlie's Corner

Wendy and Ming arrived early and had settled at Charlie's Corner. It's been AGES, and in my younger days, I only have praise for the corner hawker centre outlet with laid back deck chairs; perfect for chilling. Wendy dug into an outrageously juicy bacon + beef burger while Ming; a rather dry, disappointing fish & chips. What happened to the light batter, chunky fish fillet I once knew??? I settled for a chicken chop which was acceptable in taste but less then acceptable in price. With the new increased price tag, I'll be happy to stick to Botak Jones.

I came to realise that moisturising of one's feet is not something that is commonly practiced... even amongst girls! WHY???

After picking up 2 bottles of mineral water we checked into the hotel. Much to Wendy's surprise, the hotel turned out to be very different from what she expected as a simple and cheapo accommodation. Also the reason why she casually passed on bringing along her swimwear. I was more interested to catch some shut eye before dinner. Which I barely managed to with extremely thin walls. Fortunately, I mastered the art of "force sleep" in my FSV days.

Headed back out to the hawker centre for a light dinner. By now, the quiet township of Changi Village was buzzing with traffic and lots of athletic looking people. We picked up a bunch of bananas and returned to the hotel to freshen up, change and prepare for the big run!

This time round, the Champion Chip was replaced by the ChronoTrack Systems; a timing and tracking company that has developed a cost-effective system for timing athletic events including road races using commercially available, EPC global-certified, UHF RFID tags and readers. Replacing the chips reduces cost and overheads. I like the improvement.

Wei Sian and my parents appeared at our rooms just before we headed out to the carnival grounds. I bought my parents an International cum BBQ Buffet at the hotel (which they gladly charged to my room tab) and informed them to catch my finale run-in around 9:30pm.

At the carnival grounds with almost 10,000 participants at Asia's only mass night-running event. The Team Challenge kicked off at 8:00pm, giving us enough time to hit the toilet, get a group picture taken and do some stretching exercises. Wei Sian decided to gate-crash on the 10km run with us and casually became our team's "official photographer".

Sundown Marathon 2009 Starting Point 03
And off we GO! A glimpse of Wei Sian, myself and Celeste starting off the race!

The 1st kilometer of the run was in good pacing of about 8 km/hr, but I gradually picked up pace in the 2nd and 3rd kilometers which ate into my stamina at the 6km mark. By about that distance I was DYING for some fluids! Can't believe the ONLY water station was well into the 6.5km mark! I've never been more delighted at seeing 100 Plus!

Quite unfortunately, my Polar FT80 also failed to pick up my heart rate signal for a good 50mins into the run. I presume the heart rate belt dried up while waiting for the race to start.

Thankfully I had Wei Sian's company, who helped me pace through most of the race. The girls fell back around the 3rd or 4th kilometer. He made the run appear so effortless!

9:25pm (there about)
Dashed through the finishing line forgetting to do my finisher pose. Was determined to make it through under 1hr 25mins and didn't have the experience to multi-task the winning pose. Official results will be released later. There is a good chance I bettered my timing in the Standard Chartered Marathon 2008. Almost immediately, the urge for an icy cold can of 100 Plus kicked in.

Mom and dad strolled to the finishing line past 9:30pm and was surprised to receive my phone call that I have already completed the race!

Celeste came in around 5mins later, while Wendy and Sharon another 20mins.

Sundown Marathon 2009 Group Pic 02
Hooray for the Fun Sophisticated Princesses II!!!

What's most important is we all finished the race.

Left the carnival grounds after some free Frolick ice-cream yogurt and headed back to the hotel. The gals picked up a swimwear each at the neighbourhood flea market, which turned out to be one darn wise decision. Wei Sian, Sharon and Wendy headed to the pool with their new purchase while Celeste and myself soaked in a lavender scented fizzle hot tub in our respective rooms. There's nothing like a hot soak to melt away all those tiredness in the muscles. It was pure heaven!

After a nice, clean shower; I headed up to the roof top pool to hunt down the "prunes". They had the entire pool to themselves which was in itself a rare treat.

1:00am (31 May)
Headed for supper back at the hawker centre where I had my heart set on BBQ Balachan Stingray, BBQ Chicken Wings and Oyster Omelet! Was totally upset to find all the shops selling the usual BBQ fair CLOSED!!! I could have cried but decided to reserve my already low energy level. Wei Sian and I decided on Hokkien Noodles from this specific stall. We figured it HAD TO BE GOOD! It had all the usual elements of a good stall - 1) Old folks whipping up the dishes, 2) Very long wait time and 3) Specialises in just one dish - HOKKIEN NOODLES! We cannot be more disappointed. Let's just say... I didn't know Hokkien Noodles can taste this BAD! I went to bed feeling totally dissatisfied. Thankfully, the hotel has the most comfortable Caravelle down pillows. My head sank right into its softness and I drifted off to dreamland.

Wei Sian decided to squeeze into an insanely tight spot between the 2 super single beds, with an extra blanket I requested from room service. He had intended to take a short rest and head back to the finishing line around 3:00am to welcome his 42km marathon friends. Then day broke... I awoke around 8:30am... and he was still on the floor... sound asleep...

CVH Roof Pool
Chilling at the CVH Roof Top Pool

The girls feasted on a hearty International buffet breakfast spread before heading up to the roof pool, this time to enjoy the jacuzzi jets. Nothing felt better then having the strong pressure of the jets hit those recovering muscles. I even had a brief moment tanning under the warm rays of the sun. The experience was priceless.

Check out and a nice end to yet another eventful weekend ;D
We were all convinced that we need not wait for another marathon for a hotel treat like this! This one was nevertheless... well deserved!

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  1. congrats on your run! you must have enjoyed yourself thoroughly! :-D

  2. SUGE - first night run!!! what an experience to remember!!! congrats on the finish nya!!! the after run also dam happening siah X3 happy everyone enjoyed

  3. Hey! Thanks ya all!
    The marathon experience for me was and will always be about fun and fitness. No timing to have to beat, no person in front to have to chase. I'm glad I have great friends to the race with :) You should join the next one!


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