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Davinia's 21st Birthday Seletar Airbase 09092009

21st Birthdays comes once and never again; and for Dav, her mom arranged to celebrate her special day at Seletar Airbase! She insisted that transport be arranged for every guest going and for a valid reason - the restaurant, Sunset Grill and Pub is deeply hidden in Piccadilly Road, at the tail end where Singapore Flying Club is located. "Nostalgic" is a nice word to describe the route, "Wu-Lu" is a negative. It is impossible to get there without a vehicle.

We arrived near the twilight hour of sunset. The place was beautiful in tones of orange. The restaurant, which I heard had been there for ages has a laid back alfresco dinning set up. A little run down, but with an unique old charm. Upon settling down, we were quickly told about the house specials - HOT BUFFALO WINGS, starting from Level 0 all the way to Level 30!

Davinia's 21st Birthday Seletar Airbase 09092009
Seletar Airbase Sunset Grill and Pub Specialty - Buffalo Wings. The secret is in the sauce on the chicken skin

The highest level on the menu is 10. I've heard Wendy and Ming rave about their wings numerous times. Apparently if anyone can complete a Level 30 wing completely, they will be issued with a certificate and have their name written on the halls of fame for a month!

Jerome (he of cause being Indian and didn't want to bring down the spiciness of his race) joined me in going up the scale from Level 3 and then 5. The wings were Peri Peri (Mexican) hot, but not unbearable. If I could survive Chongqing's "Ma La", I certainly could take hotter. After being disappointed with Level 5, Jerome, Mike and myself decided to jump straight for LEVEL 10!!!

Davinia's 21st Birthday Seletar Airbase 09092009
Mike getting ready for the Level 10 wings!

The Level 10 hotness started off mild. Hot but acceptable. Then after 3 mins... like a bolt of FIERY chili blast, the spiciness hit the back of the throat causing an uncomfortable burning sensation! Before we knew it, we were puffing hot breaths and drinking down lots of water. Jerome was swallowing melted cheese from the nachos to cool down!

MUST WATCH: Jerome's attempt at Level 10

Mike was the "hottest" guy amongst all of us. He cleaned up the bones nicely. The Chinese guy beat the Indian and Indon hands down! The wings certainly gave us a kick, but what it over powered in hottest, it lacked in taste. Which was a far cry from the "Ma La" dishes in Chongqing, that despite being mouth numbing, still presented lots of flavour. These wings were just super hot.

Davinia's 21st Birthday Seletar Airbase 09092009
Happy Birthday Dav!

For a Wednesday night, the place was packed! With it's remote location and rather mediocre food, the place though interestingly different is definitely over rated. But as much as we had fun challenging ourselves to the wings' levels, the best fun was still the celebration amongst friends.

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