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If you flip back to that very 1st *blog* I've ever written (Tuesday, September 24, 2002)... it spoke 2 short sentences on INVESTMENT! It's a good 1/2 year now, and I'm still stuck at ground zero! I'm just thinking how much could I have earned (or lost) in that span of time? As they all say... every little bit counts. There's so much news about the Iraq war that stocks prices have drop to a good low. Is it a good time to pump in some hard earned cash for better returns in the near future? Is war really going to break out? Not that I really want all those bloodshed that comes with the war package, but it really makes good investment opportunities! Now I feel rather evil...

The other area of interest is to be insured in some form of hospital / medical insurance. Considering escalated healthcare cost, such plans should be purchased when you're young and healthy. All the various plans in the market are making the decision rather difficult. Or does it matter, cause they're all about the same...

Such uncertainties in life makes one rather stressed. Why can't I hire someone to manage all these nitty-gritties in my life. Then again, if they are so minor, why do I even care?

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