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There's a growing concern within the nation of the deadly SARS (severe acute respiratory syndrome) virus as infected numbers rose from 3 to 69 as of today. News report that some of those infected will not recover. It's almost humorous to see public transport passengers shifting seats when someone near them sneezes or coughs. Numerous parents are keeping their children away from school and healthcare professionals afraid to return home. I think everybody understands the severity maybe even more so then the war in Iraq... For once everyone seems to be on red alert.

Thinking back during the Lunar New Year, Feng Shui professionals mentioned that the Year of the Goat will be a peaceful one. It now seems to be such an ironic statement as the world finally faces up to all the build up in politics and economics. As I mentioned earlier at the start of the war... the bloodshed will be a while... may peace reign soon...

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