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What do you do when people around you just fall apart and you can't do much about it? As much as I had intended Sunday's Hillsongs Concert to inspire Charles, it had turned out to be a renewed faith in Christ for myself. Both in a sense of dependence and an increased desire to read about the truth that affects the way we're called to live.
Eva was asking if I believed in Spiritual Warfare and I'm starting to see bomb explosions all around (no pun intended on the cruel bomb blast on the UN HQ in Baghdad and bus bombing in Israel). With all these terrorist, virus and economical unrest, it's honestly a fearful time. Despite the disturbances, I'm feeling quite calm about all that is happening. I went to bed with some Christian music... it was comforting.
Something just for fun - Over Three Hundred Proofs of God’s Existence

I'm believing that I've done as much I could, putting in place all the contingency plans. As the saying goes "You can bring a horse to the river, but you can't make it drink".

Quick pointers in my life:
1) Feel great after hitting the gym last night
2) Will not be watching "The Wedding Banquet" musical. Think I would rather save the money for something else
3) Will be watching Jack Neo's latest movie "Home Run"
4) Have some kind of concept for the STYG website

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