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I'm feeling unusually drained this week, perhaps due to the unending stream of events that's been happening so far.

The weekend was all about Mars. Having won a pair of double bonanza Omni-max tickets, I caught "Space Station" displaying an on-orbit assembly of the International Space Station. The epic story of the unique partnership of 16 nations building a permanent research facility in space - a place where we can learn more about how natural events and people affect our fragile planet. By studying the effects of long-duration exposure to zero gravity, we can take the necessary first step towards the global, cooperative effort needed if we are someday to go to Mars.
Apparently, the Mars Party @ the Science Centre was also held on this faithful Saturday. So I thought I wouldn't mind taking a up close and personal view of the planet. Unfortunately, the crowd grew to thousands by the time we returned from dinner.

The weekday nights have been spent on "Tears of the Sun", "Bent" and "The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen". Will be catching up with the gals tonight for some Teochew Mui. Doesn't help with the dense amount of work in the office.

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