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It's exciting! Tomorrow is Mid-Autumn Festival again! Among all the festivals, this one certainly ranks close to the top. I'll be digging out last year's goldfish lantern for my annual light up; this year we'll be hoping down to Chinatown. They have lit the streets and have a street bazaar. Comparing it to "Hello Kitty" & "Dear Daniel" (at the Chinese Garden), my choice is clear! In time for the festivities, I'm delivering a box of Grand City (durian and white lotus paste) mooncake to Derek's place this evening. Ever thought how much we actually know about Mid-Autumn's origins. How mooncakes, lanterns, candles, the full moon, Chang Er, the rabbit and the magic pill all gel together...

Historically, here's why we pay big bucks for mooncakes each year!

Overrun by the Mongols in the thirteenth century (the late Yuan dynasty), Chinese people were oppressed, persecuted and treated like slaves. To revolt against the Mongol rulers, the Chinese planned to overthrow them by sending secret messages in mooncakes, as Mongolians do not eat mooncakes. These specially- made mooncakes were then distributed to all the Chinese, who found a note inside with the message “Revolt on the fifteenth of the eighth month”. Thus informed, the people rose together on the designated day to overthrow the Mongolians, and since then, mooncakes have became an integral part of the Mid-Autumn Festival.

Considering the dampen community now that SARS seem to have emerged... a little celebration would certainly be something to look forward to.

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