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It was quite a swell weekend. A little on the tired and hectic side, but nevertheless mighty enjoyable.
Starting with Friday at Fish & Co. with some Ozzie friends. In fact it has been about 6 months at Connie and Jeremy's Wedding that we last caught up. It amazes me how time flies. It's pretty much the usual catch up talk, filling each other up with life's endeavors etc. Fish & Co. seem to be degrading in it's standard. The food is oily, sub standard service and awfully loud horrible music (this applies only to the Glass House branch). Guess it always happens when the company expands towards branding.

I'm a proud owner of a Pioneer A06 4x DVD writer! Yupe, after deliberating for a while and the thought of all the hassle in data transfer to borrow the media... I got myself my very own at a whooping S$350 bucks! It's a hefty sum, but since the weekend, I've burnt around 13 gigs of data off my harddisk. It's really nice to know that the entire season of something can be stored nicely into 1 or 2 DVD discs. On the down side... it seems that I've engaged back into the downloading frenzy!

In a rather diverse gathering of friends, a couple of old STYGgies chilled at CHIJMES, Father Flanagans. It's the good ole Kilkennys and some Irish delights.

Sunday was practically dedicated to Hansin and Cindy's Wedding. Was dragged out of bed at about 7am on the coolest sleep-in morning. It rained cats and dogs the night before with gushing icy cool winds. It was the perfect morning to snuggle in... but I made my way to Century Makota Roxy Hotel to join in the gang of brothers to pick the bride. In fact it was a little wee too early for my brain to function. Breakfast was a buffet spread with chili crab and abalone. A little too juicy for the morning.
Spent a good part of the afternoon catching up on sleep before rushing off to the wedding banquet at Fatty Weng. I'd have to say the dinner had a rather enjoyable entertainment spread. With karaoke song and dance, stage games and the numerous feature of my wedding production of the ROM. For some weird reason, Dylan's "Operation Raid the Refrigerator" also played numerous times. Brought about some good laughs. Well... here's a toast to the happy Bride and Groom.

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