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It's Emma's Burfdae today! *Happi Happi Burfdae to You!*
We can't have a lovelier morning to snuggle in; with so much rain and a gloomy sky. Haven't had that chilly feeling in the mornings for a while now.
I'm already looking forwards to the weekend; but unlike numerous other I know of, I didn't opt. for the extended Hari Raya Holiday. I should be dedicating most of my time to Mich's wedding production. Trying to squeeze out more creative juices to do a good job.

Very Charmed
I've suddenly caught up very quickly with the latest season of Charmed. Phoebe has a chic short hair-do - very hot! There's more spells, magic and mystical creatures to see. Definitely more exciting.

Skate-In Macs Cafe
McDonalds has a new Skate-In outlet at East Coast Park. Skaters can now breeze around and buy their food all without removing their blades. It's a novelty item - all I care about is cheap, ice cold isotonic drinks! With so much rain on the weekends, I'm starting to miss blading quite a bit.

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