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Chill Out at Lis’
Yen and I had the most wonderful home cooked seafood spread at Lis' new home. Thanks to my Friday abstinence to meat, we had seafood galore of chili crab, prawns, steamed fish, fish cake, fish ball and veggie soup and strawberries to top it all up. Think my stomach expanded another inch! After dinner highlight included a lovely bottle of red wine, Lis’ 650 awesome wedding day and my HK VCD on the $6,000 bucks plasma TV.

What is Christmas?
I'm working on a Flash montage on this stack of about 50 hand-drawn Christmas cards, designed by a bunch of kids from a neighbourhood family society. There were some very creative pieces. It's pure joy to just admire how imaginative and innocent their ideas on Christmas are. What honestly surprised me was that not a single card bore the design of Christ's birth. The real meaning of Christmas! There were lots of Santa, Frosty, Rudolph and Mr. Xmas Tree. Christmas to these kids had become so commercialised. It's all about a wish list, where the giving is totally lost in the receiving.

Having been brought up to know "Christmas" since forever... I feel so blessed... if only every kid knew that on Christmas morn, the greatest gift was given...

What’s installed?
The rest of the week looks absolutely outrageous. There's the 3 Giants Jazz Concert, which I’m really egar to attend.

The Annual Dinner and Dance 2003. This year's dress code is "National", so I've borrowed Miran's gorgeous black Indian Sari. To match the beautiful 5m Sari cloth, I purchased a Bodynits’ mid-drift athletic top. It exposes the tummy and shit do I have those excess fats! I’m doomed… I’m at that stage where my metabolic rate had platued… Have to be very serious about exercising right now.

"The Gift" Youth Retreat over the weekend. I'm actually excited to meet Sr. Fran after all these years! And Mich's wedding. Mich will be presenting the childhood montage clip I put together during the dinner... I do hope it comes out well.

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