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It's the eve of Christmas Eve. The heart grows in anxiety come this day - thinking of all the greetings I haven't sent, all the presents I haven't bought, what I'm going to wear for Christmas, where I'm going to eat etc. etc. This is the time where you try to put the year in perspective as it comes to an official close soon. Looking back at my Christmas 10 List, I'm really please I've managed to do a couple simple but meaningful items. Just yesterday, Charles and myself went for confession and I bought 2 bags of canned food to give away to the poor. We talked about new year and how we can improve on our spiritual lifes.

I'm likely to wrap up my presents tonight. After lunch tomorrow I'd drop by the supermarket to pick up some food for my Christmas Eve dinner. Haven't really thought of anything special to eat.

I'm frantically trying to clear as much as I can in the office as I head off for my Christmas break. It's almost crazy... but who's in the mood anyway.

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