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The Contacts
I've started updating and deleting my address book contacts. I've accumulated so many names, after a full night of meddling around with it; I'm still at alphabet 'E'! The process is really a bitter sweet experience. It's only during these times you discover how many people you have absolutely forgotten and how many you don't even care if they existed anymore. Chances are, 50% (or more) of the contacts may be out dated by now. But somehow it's still weird to press the delete button on them. Each name has a valid reason for being in the list. You never know when you might suddenly need these contacts again…

Starting my Bible Journey
I’ve started on a 9 week Bible Study class on ‘The Gospel of Luke’ by Fr. Ambrose Vaz. This would be the 1st time I’m officially attending something like this. Must confess I’ve been slacking on my readings… The class requests that we read the entire Luke once a week for every week! I’m only ½ way through and the week is over!

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