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It was pouring... And I got dumped near the Holland V bus stop after visiting the data centre. My favourite foldable aluminum umbrella had finally gave up it's fight and was falling into pieces. The catch at the top couldn't even click! Imagine lots of rain, grabbing tight to my jacket, notes, bag and struggling to hold up the top of the flopping umbrella, making my way to seek shelter. I had missed my bus by about an inch. And so the long wait started. Holland V isn't very far from my place, so I was hoping to reach home in 20 mins tops.

While waiting, there are many wet souls dashing around avoiding the rain. Thoughts crossed my mind about flagging for a cab. Then I thought... Maybe the bus will be here any moment and I could save the cash. Life is too much about 'could have beens'; if only I had just stood up and lifted my lazy arms, I wouldn't have wasted 35 mins waiting for the bus and another 20 traveling slowly back. Then there was a short walk back to my home with the torture of the broken umbrella again! I wanted to stuff it into the lobby's dustbin, but it didn't fit in. I swear it will see it's end...

Honestly, I really liked that brella.

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