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They have their own character, likes and dislikes and even temper. Little by little, they share an intimate spot in your heart.

Prince had finally ended his 10 weeks Basic Obedience Training last Sunday. He’s already over 1 (compared to the younger puppies) and has developed some annoying habits. It might be an animal instinct, but he pees around to mark his territory. Generally, he’s described as a gentle, homely puppy; intelligent but lazy. Think we could have better developed his intelligence, but none of us really bothered.
To end off the final lesson was an obedience test. We even got in on tape (more editing!). Maybe it’s got something to do with old age, but Prince hadn’t been performing well lately, forgetting most of his cues. He can’t “down” and “stay” on command. In order to obtain a certification for the test, he’ll need to be able to perform all the commands. As expected; at the test, he couldn’t do numerous stuns, running away when asked to stay. Fortunately, at the “stay and hold” test; he managed to pull his act together and to our widest surprise; he came in Second in Class! That also obviously mean that the entire class didn’t make the mark. Not the best of appraisals for the external trainer. We were pretty ecstatic when Prince’s name was called and he won a bag of dog food among other things.

Conga and Luna has fallen out after weeks of separation. Now that Conga is recovering well with her fur slowing growing back; we taught it might be wise to put the two guineas back together for company. Being 2 mature guineas, it’s quite natural to fight over territory till the other submits. Conga is the older of the two and her domineering and aggressive nature snapped in. She hogged the food, made this teeth grinding sound that literally means “Come any closer and you’ll be history” and chased Luna around the cage. Luna was absolutely horrified. Her eyes grew gigantic with fear. The best approach would be to introduce the guineas into a brand new environment, where there’s no dominance over territory. We went around checking out guinea cages, and many were price ridiculously over $200 for something decent. We shopped around for other plastic containers for storage and they cost about $20! In fact, my mom had purchased 3 huge ones for $19.90. We even decided to cut some circular windows with Derek’s tools. Hope that will make Conga and Luna friends again…

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