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Fiona SMSed the most unusual yet extremely relevant question: "What is the one driving force in your life"? Apparently she is reading a Lent booklet which challenges our daily lives with mind boggling questions such as this. In the most comic response, my answer was "Alcohol"!

On a more somber note, this simple question served as a check on our very existence for living. Another way of asking can also be: "What is your destiny" or in UOB's jingle "What are you growing for". What is that one passionate thing in your life?

Fiona had all sorts of answers and some were down right funny. Mine included. She collected responses like: kids, love, family, God, money, quality and enjoyment of life, food, Shell Motor Oil, TV and I don't knows. You'll actually be surprised that a lot of people go along each day rather goal-lessly. Those that really know what they want or love to do are in fact the lucky few. Our priorities changes at different phases of our lives, but I often wonder if there is a need to have a wide, long term or really ambitious goal to look forward to always. Or should we be flexible to be like water and allow ourselves to conform to the bottle's shape?

If I live to a ripe ole age of 100, I am left with about 2/3 of my life. In some ways it's a scary thought, and I wonder if I had lived my prime life good. Developing relationships, cultivating talents, rooting in good values...
What could I have done differently?
1) Taken up a sport more seriously
2) Cultivated my drawing skills more
3) Learnt investment
4) Learnt better people skills

Now that I am looking at this short list, it's not too late to start. There's still hope...

But looking back, I have little regrets about the bigger decisions I have made:
1) Studying Film, Animation, Design and Multimedia
2) Having an overseas education
3) Choosing my friends
4) Traveling
5) My Faith

Very soon I'll be tackling other milestone and life changing decisions; I'll manage them when it's in my face.

So at the end of all this writing, what will my one driving force in life be (seriously)? In some ways I believe the force is Faith, or the drive to be more like Christ. I am passionate about Visual Art (film, animation, art...) Passion is a strong word; it's where you feel and believe strongly. At the same time, you question your purpose... You can have many, it need not be ambitious, and sometimes it changes.

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