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I just had my Financial IQ assessed at Rich Dad's FiQ. I scored an encouraging overall 78%, with a rating of 'Established 1st Quarter' (between 25 - 35). Plenty of room for improvement.


You see that there are opportunities to successfully secure financial freedom in many areas, including real estate, paper and business investments. Your aptitude shows that you can choose from several paths depending on where you want to prioritize your resources and your energy. Because of your understanding of financial concepts, you are positioned to move forward quickly and put the knowledge you have to work for you. You already have the mindset, so achieving financial freedom now is a matter of choosing the "investments of choice" that you are interested in and the ones that make sense given the resources you have to work with. You also recognize the importance of giving back and embody the philosophy of "Teach and Grow Rich".

The path to financial freedom involves many things; including changing your thinking and being mindful of your age. In the great game of life you are in an enviable place, the first quarter. Being in the first quarter means you have an extraordinary opportunity to seize the moment and define your game plan for attaining financial freedom. To begin your journey you should ask yourself when you want to be free from worrying about money.

Surround yourself with people who will support you in your financial goals. Who are you spending your time with? Do they encourage you or hold you back? Do you have money on your mind? It's all about choices. You can choose to be rich.

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