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It's strange these days the topic of being lost and finding one's purpose in life seem to be in the air. It started with Fiona's SMS and then I caught Sofia Coppola's "Lost in Translation" and it's growing loud how lonely people really are around. I really liked the film. 2 people in a foreign land, where language, culture, food and habits differ. From being lost in the environment, we slowly discover how lost our film heroes really are with life itself. In some ways Japan is increasingly becoming more interesting. I really wonder what true loneliness is. I must have tasted it before? Was it short lived or was it boredom. What's the difference...? I see loneliness as a combination of worthlessness and emptiness. People can still feel lonely even when they are amongst others. How lost is a lonely person? Some people just freak out being alone...

As extrovert I might appear to be, I'm glad I enjoy very much being on my own at times. In fact these days I don't spend enough time with me!

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