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I’ve finally ended 2 weekends of film festivals. There wasn’t anything that blew me off.

Here’s a quick run down:
1) Gozu - Weirdly interesting with numerous scenes I’d probably never forget for the rest of my life.

2) Parasite Dolls – Loved the animation; but I still love “Ghost in the Shell”, “Tombstone of the Fireflies”, “The Wolf Brigade” and “Spirited Away” better.

3) Rewind - A wholesome film mixing the reel and thjavascript:void(0)
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4) James' Journey to Jerusalem – I personally liked the simplicity of telling a good wholesome story in this one.

5) Fear X – The story just didn’t work for me. This is one of those classic arty farty flicks that leaves the audience completely confused towards the ambiguous end. Then there are other viewers that claim the twist of emotions in the film proved to be great film-making... I remain confused.

6) Young Adam – I’m guessing half the theater paid to watch Ewan McGregor’s 5 secs dick. The over kill of sex made this potentially promising film come across like soft porn.

7) Uzak – My best pick. Exploration of loneliness in perfection. Somehow I just soaked into the reality it portrayed.

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