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May pretty much zoomed by quickly. I can recall bulked of it dedicated to work and spending much time with CiCi and family.

CiCi in Singapore
This was Wicky and Prudence's 1st trip to Singapore. But it was certainly not Prudence's 1st overseas trip. After SARS great hit last year, travel prices dropped to an all time low and they took the opportunity to travel over to Canada. It was certainly fun catching up, browsing through old photographs and my trip to Eastern Europe in 2003. It was the usual sight-seeing adventures to the Esplanade, Merlion Park, Lau Pa Sat, Fullerton Hotel, Suntec City and the Singapore Zoological Gardens. I can't even recall the last time I visited that place. Nothing too much has changed really, except the otters no longer welcome visitors as they enter. The polar bear feeding was still a hit, and I went trigger happy snapping at underwater dives and animals in action. There is now areas where children can strip down and splash around in water fountains and paddle pools. Prudence even jumped into the ball pool! There are also theme areas such as the "Great Valley of Ethiopia" where the baboons roamed. Very exotic. We took the V1 this time round, shooting at 3 mega pixels per shoot (totaling up to slightly below 200 pictures) and I still didn't have enough. It was certainly a fight between which one get killed off 1st - the battery or the memory stick. I'm seriously considering the portable X-Drive now. Honestly, we only had enough for 1 outing day. Still can't believe Wicky didn't bring along his camera charger!

Their trip was certainly refreshing and I was happy to have tested the camera further. Now I wish we have a longer lens...

TV season ends
I've completed "Alias" Season 3 - Alias started to drift off towards the end as the writers desperately try to finish off with some kind of cliff hanger that can form a whole new season. Anything that can happen will probably happen. I still enjoyed the kick ass action and spy plots.

"Friends" Season 10 - Thank God there is closure! Growing up with "Friends" brings bitter sweet memories. Maybe it's a reflection of life... but honestly... Thank God it ended!!!

"Charmed" Season 6 - The Charmed Ones seem to be heading to become the Charmed Sons... honestly this season was stale. Besides Phoebe's chopped locks, I can't even remember anything worth mentioning.

Waiting to be completed... "Smallville" Season 3 and "Enterprise" Season 3. I don't really care for "Smallville" very much. It's becoming teeny booperish. But I'm really hooked on Season 3 of "Enterprise". Season 2 was a waste of time, but at least there is a real mission in this season. The battle scenes were also one of the best yet on television.

Great Singapore Sale
It has started and I am ready!

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