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After enjoying last year Arts Festival Closing ceremony performance - Akra, an artistic tale about immigrants in search of freedom and a homeland; I thought the panorama of Korean drums and fireworks shouldn't be much of a let down either. The strong beats of traditional drums resonates with force as the Dulsori ensemble strikes with percussive gusto. They ignite Korean traditional rhythm with modern pulse, in a potent display of strength, grace and form that connects the masses to the breathtaking rhythm of life.

It was quite an experience with loud drum beats, colourful lighting and great audience participation. In an empty field somewhere in Yishun, suddenly the night sky shone to light with blast of fireworks as the audience waved coloured flags as part of a silly by really funny Blue Dragon verse White Tiger battle.

I managed to capture some really cool 5 megapixel shots with the Sony V1. The colours were rich with slow shutter to capture the string of movement. Of cause as usual; you'll pick 1 or 2 great pictures amongst lots of really crappy ones!

Brownies, Lasagna and Mushroom Soup
Saturday saw Lis, Yan and myself cooking up a storm in the kitchen! It was our 1st baking endeavor (at least for me). So the menu for the day was baked beef Lasagna, mixed with mushrooms and onions, Creamy Mushroom Soup (the all original kind) and to top it up - Chocolate Brownies with Vanilla Ice Cream. It was quite an experience as Yan chopped mushrooms (lots of it), Lis did garlic and onions; and I was master stir fryer! We baked 3 brownies from Sally Croakers quick mix. Darn it was so simple, but turned out so sweet I could die. Yan loved it, but I swear I was brownie-fied! Lis suspects the brownie did not raise enough.

The Lasagna was heavenly; melting with generous servings of cheese and pasta. It was so sinful I felt guilty. The Mushroom Soup looked better then it taste. The blender didn't really work to grind the mushroom bits, so we ended throwing in chunky mushroom bits into too much chicken stock. Lis bought the wrong kind of cream - sour cream in fact and it turned out rather starchy, like Sharks Fin Soup. With skillful mixture of cream and lots of stirring, the soup turned out pretty decent. Just a little blend towards the end. From which we decided in future, we'll just save the effort and stick to the high in sodium option of Campbell soup.

I must say we all did well. It was a jolly fun afternoon and I personally learnt a couple of things. The brownie also came is handy for Father's Day. Surprisingly, my dad loved it. So did my colleagues. Cakes, Brownies and Sugar infused dessert is not really my cup of tea... maybe because I really don't have a sweet tooth!

Ending off with a great Father's Day Quote:
"The best gift a Father can give to his children, is to love their Mother" - someone I can't remember

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