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I've finally managed to work out the XVID video import into the Clie. It's a 2 step process, but it works perfectly. 1st to recompress Xvid / Divx file in Virtual Dub and then exporting the video through Sony's Compress Image.
Surprisingly, on a little 320 X 320, 65,000 colour screen; the picture and sound quality turned out very nicely. With excellent battery life, I've watched numerous episodes of "Tripping the Rift" on my journey home this week. The camera feature was also tested both outdoors and indoors. The colour temperature has been rich, but the focusing range was extremely pathetic. However, it's pretty good for close range people shots. I'm honestly not a heavy PDA user for documents and work etc. but I'm already happy with how it has been serving me.

I did a little case shopping during the week but have yet to find the InnoPocket metal case for my model. But they did have the stock for the TJ 25/35. On second thought, the metal finish looked so so. I didn't really like the metal hinges. I'm re-considering my options, but did see a rather cool black leather full zip case.

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