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An amazing teacher who taught me passion for a craft and a whole lot of patience. I have yet to know another soul who have the courage and strength to fight 15 years of cancer that keeps coming back. The disease hit her lungs and finally attacking the brain. How often we take for granted all the people that have molded you into who you are today, and so often; we meet them again at their sick bed or in a coffin. It is then, you start recalling all the little memories shared and what valuable lessons you had learnt.

I spent 2 years of lower secondary learning the quality of art from this rather eccentric teacher -
1) Use good quality paper
2) Use good brushes (those with horse mane or something)
3) How to take good care of the brushes (never place the brush dipped in a container of water for long durations, always reverse it upwards)
4) How to admire abstract art that cost hundreds of dollars
5) Appreciate everything with an artistic eye

But it was towards leaving school that I seeked her advice on the possibility of going to Art School. I had to work on a portfolio that showcased a variety of skill sets, ranging from product, fashion to advertising design. I even recalled spending quite a bit of time doing research and going to the gardens for inspiration. Of cause, the path turned out differently; but the lessons never forgotten.

Rachel (her daughter) held my hand when I told her, I wished I could have thanked her mom earlier... Mrs. Choo may not even know she had impacted my life in such a deep way. I'm going to look back at works created during that period and think about her.

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