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I'm still adjusting to my new look. But I've gotten thumbs up from most people. So I presume Gigi did a good job again. I still can't believe I have brownish hair... I've been called Mauritius Gal, Hawaiian Girl, Funky Girl... of cause there's the occasional conservative type that says the look is different and other who noticed very little change! Like huh... you blind or what!?!?

Here's the email conversation about the new look, you'll get quite a bit of the gist from here:

ME: "I officially have 2 tone coloured hair. Strips of matte blonde. I look very different - very ang moish... You should see me."
YEN: "WHAT HAVE U DONE???!!!! =D kekekeke, wat prompted this change?"
ME: "Have been thinking about it while... but it's very drama for a 1st timer..."
LIS: "You kept your length? I'm trying to visualise you here and I see...; a tan-SPG-like Nat... hee hee... Quick, take a photo and send it over! Can you download off your Clie..."

ME: "Pictures don't do justice to the colour... looks fairly normal when I tried to capture a shot on my mobile. The length is about an inch shorter - slightly longer then my shoulders. After the new colour, my face actually look fairer! It's weird!"

LIS: "Of course wat. A lighter colour will give a generally fairer look. So how long did you have to sit at the hairdresser's?"

ME: "Set there from 6:30pm - 9pm"

LIS: "That's not too bad. I'm trying to find out if anyone ever broke my record of 8 hours."

ME: "8 hours is a full day of work leh..."

LIS: "I spent a Sat in HV (can't remember the name of the shop), from 1pm - 9pm. Cindy and I planned to go shopping after the appointment but we didn't even make it for dinner. Poor sister of mine had to wait so long for me, and we were her only 2 customers!"

ME: "It might be a good thing we're not watching 'Private Parts' already... Running low in the dough"

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