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It's been raining so much lately. I hate the fact I haven't got the chance to smell the musty fresh air after the rain. There's something in the cool weather and gloomy skies that makes it perfect to snuggle amongst my soft pillows and doze off reading a book. Dinner will be a simple bowl of steaming hot soup (either Alphabet bits & Veggie or Ox Tail) and Jazz music for overall mood. Quite unfortunately, the real world isn't anything like this, but a whole lot of dwelling in work. My substitute to a hot Jacuzzi tub is a hot shower.

Zeus has been acting up lately. Performance has been downhill. I've been seasonally backing up content off the system, but I'm always treading towards the brim of HD space. What Zeus really need is a good reformat, but it's just soooooo much effort...

There seems to be more and more stuff I actually need to do... and I'd really like to clean up my room... it's a psychological thing... Darn...

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