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A trip to the Chinese Garden is almost a yearly affair during the Mid Autumn Festival. But on August 15 (Ba Yue Shi Wu) or Tuesday, 28th Sep in the Ang Mo calendar; I rushed to deliver 2 pieces of Goodwood Park Hotel's famous Snowskin Durian Mooncake to Derek's mom. Somehow, I sort of thought the actual celebration day was later that week. My family had our own reunion dinner at the Food Alley near Maxwell. Maybe it was already 9:30pm, but the Cantonese styled cooking of Stewed Turtle, Spring Onions stir fried with Beef and Broccoli with sliced Fish tasted ultra delicious. I suspect I was starved. Vic called from somewhere in China and that poor thing had to munch on a take away MacDonald's as the streets were jam packed with everyone out to soak in the festivity.

Over the weekend, Aipei, her maid and Baby Joey made our way to feast our eyes on the Disney Themed Lanterns at Jurong. It was the 2nd last day of the event and we didn't want to miss this year after foregoing last year's Hello Kitty and Dear Daniel! By far, this year was the most spectacular. Grand entrances, with the good old Mickey Mouse team welcoming you as we walked across the bridge where our favourite cartoon characters adventure starts. The silk lanterns were so realistic they actually looked like the real character from afar. Joey's eyes grew so huge she couldn't stop starring at everything. It was pure delight when we came across Nemo, Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, The Bug's Life, Lio & Stitch, Hercules and Winnie the Pooh. It was how creative the lanterns were decorated with all the colours that made each section a joy to visit. For the same price, we also visited the Monkey God's Land; where we were greeted with funeral looking paper dolls. It was funny yet freaky. But there were also some good ones like the gigantic Tian Tan Palace in the middle of the lake.

We took pictures like crazy. Especially towards leaving the place where it was more empty. Carried 2 Disney Lanterns from 2 years back. They matched the theme so well, people started coming up to us and asking where we got those! Actually, I think the one that was most thrilled would be the maid... I wonder if she'd ever seen something like this before?

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