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Taufik Batisah was crowned as the 1st Singapore Idol beating Sylvester Sim, the rocker dude. In honest truth, my steam for the competition sort of ran out mid way as the voting got predictable and the singing was honestly not fantastic. Taufik is certainly a good singer, but that's pretty much it. In fact, none of the singers are even close to what America produced in Ruben and Fantasia.

Here's my run down:
Jeassea Thyidor - Now, this gal had potential. She looks good, sings well and has the X-factor. It's a real pity she didn't even get both her feet into the competition.
Beverly Morata - Her nose is too big; makes her character look unappealing. But similar to Jeassea, it's not entirely fair to judge her.
David Yeo - He's like a civilized Chinese "Ah Beng". He might do okay in the Chinese arena.
Jerry Ong - The truth is - he can't sing (period).
Maia Lee - She's got the moves. Her style is excellent for the night clubs or coffee shop pole dance stages that Tiger Beer organises.
Christopher Lee - He looks good, but should stick to stuff like church choirs or maybe musicals.
Leandra Rasiah - I thought she had the better voice, but then got bored through the competition.
Daphne Khoo - She's the female version of Donald Duck to me. But yupe, she's got talents and should stick to her grunge band.
Olinda Cho - She reminds me of an Auntie at a Karaoke session. Some aunties can sing very well.
Sylvester Sim - Rocker dude with a cute smile. I can understand why gals go ga-ga for his "bad boy" image. In some ways, his image is more sellable, but he can't hold a proper conversation.
Taufik Batisah - Sing well. Potential - good. How far he'll go... not sure...

The funniest moment was when I met this old neighbour Auntie and she was asking me if I'm going to vote during the program. I told her I don't vote. Then she pulled me towards her and whispered "No... you must vote. Vote for the Chinese boy. You know ar, we cannot let our 1st Singapore Idol be a Malay"!!! For a moment I was speechless, but I couldn't care less.

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