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I've got something to strike off my Christmas List!
Yupe it's Item No. 3) Go for Confession

It was the usual Penitential Service last night with the familiar faces of the City district priest. I took some time on the bench to prepare my thoughts of what I sincerely wanted to say and then braved myself to the shortest queue. I didn't know who the priest was and I didn't care. When I finally faced this old crossed eye (I thought he was) priest, I went through 2 items on my spiritual flaws. Then perhaps I paused a little too long and the priest shared his thoughts on something that 50% didn't relate to what I confessed, and shockingly; gave me his resolution! But I was only at my 2nd item...

I pondered later if that confession was even okay. Charles shared that when God forgives, He forgives everything...
That made quite a bit of sense. And like what I was sharing with Charles earlier on, it's what we do (or try not to do) after committing yourself to a clean slate that ultimately matters.
And when I looked around and saw a genuine smile on many faces, I felt a change.

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