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I've tried canoeing, but not kayaking. Not until yesterday anyway.
It was Hair Raya Haji and the weather was perfect. So a bunch of youths headed out to the east sea and paddled away. I've always thought a kayak was similar to those Red Indian long boats (probably made of wood and decorated with American Indian character symbols); but what we got were small plastic floats. It's wider then a canoe for better balancing and had maybe shorter paddles. It was light and easy to use and control, only except when steering in the direction of the wind. We aimlessly (very aimlessly) paddled out to sea and back. It was heavenly just basking in the sun. I didn't like our greenish polluted sea water very much... but I guess complaining about it wouldn't help. Ralph was so out of shape, his legs cramped halfway. Towards the end of an hour, we soaked ourselves against the hitting waves and I had the most delicious Siam coconut juice. Well, it did cost a hefty S$3.00. But definitely satisfying.


  1. Hey hey hey... i'm so gonna sue!!! U can't just mention my name and then tag me out of shape... Jeez.... What bout the chicks that are gonna be reading this??? Have a though for a guys rep ok???

  2. No. 1 - not many people know who you really are...
    No. 2 - not many people really care...
    No. 3 - not many people actually read about my missy life...

    so no worries.


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