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I've wanted to do this since December. Once of those 5 Christmas To-Do thinggies:
1) Design Christmas Card
2) Give something to the Poor
3) Go for Confession
4) Spring Clean the Room
5) Clean-up the Wardrobe

That makes the accomplishment 4/5. Leaving Item 4) Spring Clean the Room.
Unfortunately, I didn't make the cut for the Tsunami donation drive. But I figure they really didn't need all this old (but useful) junk.

It's amazing after clearing out a gigantic bag of unwanted clothes and then nicely arranging the cupboard; it still seemed packed.
In an attempt to salvage some pieces I never touched for years, I also found out I hadn't put on too much around the waist. I was ecstatic! (like I didn't know I am in danger of being 'Thunder Thighs)! It's not that I couldn't fit into them (well, some really didn't fit too well), the style and cut of those outfits were just screwed! Lime Green horizontal striped Blouse, Yellow and Blue checked Blouse, Light Blue mini skirt that was actually a pair of shorts...

Some pieces are pure sentimental. Like
1) this Light Blue Football Sweater I wore in England when I was 6
2) this 'Watermelon' Rugby Jersey I wore more for canoeing
3) this Michigan black Jersey that's pretty much faded to cotton fluff
4) all those IJ Class and Fiesta T-Shirts
4) all those Production T-Shirts

It was certainly therapeutic clearing out old stuff. As the saying goes
"You wear 20% of your clothes, 80% of the time"

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