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The state of my place is at current - embarrassing. Containers of old clothing laying around the room, nic-nacks formerly on dining and coffee tables now on the floor, kitchen stacked up with unarranged bottles of Chinese New Year Goodies... it a like a war zone scattered with civilian stuff. Well, this is the common sight come 2 - 3 weeks before we usher in all the lunar festivities. Thankfully, we've planned to be out of town this period... so in some ways the mobilisation clean up effort was not as massive. Over the weekend I got flirthy sheets replaced and cleared up my workstation area. Removed the unworking Epson printer (now up for sale for spare-parts) and wipped off this thick layers of dust from underneath the table and bed. Dispite relatively good progress in fixing up the room, there's still quite a bit of work to do.

'Kudos' goes to my parents, as they manage between buying flowers, gum-kat plants, pussy williows, festive goodies, madarin oranges, doecoration of the home, home fixes; such as painting of the lamps, mirror frames, vanishing the wall boards and polishing the furnitures. It sounds crazy enough writting all these items, much less doing them... and every year, history repeats itself into the wee hours of the mornings... I wonder if it's tradition or necessity (considering we only clean the house literally once a year) that motivates them into gear. Maybe it's the spirit that everyone else is doing so. But for once a year... my home actually looks clean and tidy!

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