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In some ways I survived -30 degrees in Northern China, Dong Bei. My coldest flick was -5 at the mount of Sinai last November, so this experience was one of a kind. When everyone was heading indoors to the musky hot air from electric heaters, we braved the icy cold weather to view Ha Er Bin's magnificent Ice Sculptures. Your hands freeze up under the thick gloves and no matter how hard you try, you just can't snap on the shutter of the camera. There's something in the cold wind that numbs your face, till your nose start to run and you can't do anything about it. Your ears turn red (almost ready to fall off) and your eyes dry up. Yupe... it's that bad, but all bearable. In all fairness, Winter is a beautiful time. Lifeless barren trees, frozen lakes, fluffy white snow covered rooftops and the sound of crisp cold wind blowing into your face.

There were many 1st on this trip -
1) Never saw snow
2) Never touched snow
3) Never rolled in snow
4) Never threw snowballs
5) Never felt snow falling on your face
6) Never wore that many layers of clothes
7) Never skied
8) Never saw Wu Song (Mist Frost)
9) Never blown my own 'real' fireworks
10) Never ate bear's paw

Quite unfortunately, the last 2 days of the trip ended with a really horrible flu and fever. Suddenly, I missed my bed so much.
Had 2 days of sick leave and went ga-ga playing Zelda... I was that zonked!

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