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Over 2,000 years ago, a righteous man prepared himself tonight for his last hours on this earth. Tonight, he gathered those he loved the most and sat them down at a table for Passover. One by one, he humbly washed their feet clean and had a Jewish meal of unleavened bread and wine. There after came a time of prayer. A prayer of strength, perseverance and love. Late into the night he was lead to his death.
Today, we revisit this journey of our Saviour. Tonight, we share in his greatest act of love for us.

40 days of Lent will soon come a close with the celebration of Easter. 40 days given to each of us to reflect on ourselves and our relationship with Christ. I've so many times tried to take this period to grasp the infinite love of Christ; inflicted with so much pain and suffering just to give us salvation. I've come to relate closely with words like 'Salvation', 'Love' and 'Sacrifice'. Thinking now, I've come to know that my capability to contain and comprehend Christ's sacrifice for me can never be fully understood; nor can I imagine or feel within my being. It's like a measurement of how small my body is in comparison to His greatness. I've come to enjoy being a little fish soaked in a wonderful sea of love. Ever ready for what adventures hold at the corner of each turn. Ever confident that the One who puts me there, will provide and care for me.

This Lent went along too fast. I'd love to have suffered and toiled in remembrance of Christ's pain, but understanding how to appreciate His love my be a good enough lesson for me. Appreciation reminds me everyday that I am so blessed. Appreciation reminds me to give a little of myself back.

Tonight I get ready for Good Friday. In ways I can't really describe, this Lent was a peaceful, joyous one. Perhaps in many ways, I experienced Christ in many people and in return spread a little Christ to those around. In so many ways I try to be a little more like Him each day. There's been failed and successful attempts, but ultimately I grow each day; in appreciate for the life that I have been given and the life that I will share.

To me, Christ dying was the ultimate love. Christ raising is the ultimate hope.

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