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SIFF Sistic Rip Off, originally uploaded by natashayong.

It's a yearly event every April to attend the Film Festival. However, this year's selection of tickets came a little late. I managed to spread my enthusiasm for non-mainstream films to my not so avid movie going friends. Guess there's always something out of the 300 over films at the festival that will entice everyone. Generally I'm happy with the film choices this year. High time SIFF moved away from bringing in films with ultra controversial topics... too much sex, too much homosexuality and too much violence. Let's bring back wholesome good films with good plots. To my own surprise, the European selection appealed to me rather then the Asian showcase. I would usually throw in a Jap or Korean for variety sick, but there was nothing of real interest this year.

Selection Run Down:
Ninth Day
Man without a Shadow / Far Side of the Moon
City of Sadness
Flowers of Shanghai

Current Rating Chart:
Film Choices - 8/10
Screen Venue - 6/10
Screening Timing - 7/10
Ticket Purchasing - 5/10
Ticket Price - 1/10
Movie Buddies - 10/10

I have to bring up the move for SIFF to go with ticketing partner SISTIC rather then their usual, TICKETCHARGE. Apparently there is an additional dollar for each ticket (totaling to $9.40)purchased that goes straight into the pockets of SISTIC! What A RIP OFF! I mean, that amongst to 1/8 of the ticket price! Someone on the SIFF forum shared that if every movie is a sold out screening, SISTIC would have pocketed 50K in cold hard cash! Many commented that this money would have been better sent to the contributions of the SIFF or film society.


  1. Ninth Day is worth watching, really worth

    no, i have not found out wat the persecution of the Jews ;p need to study, my priority, sorry..

  2. Yupe - gald we manage to catch it. Got me thinking about the church's stand during the holocust. I did a little reading over the weekend and also shared with a couple of people. At least I'm a little more aware of the historical facts.


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