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The entire Saturday was a "blast". Literally. Got the Xbox hooked onto my 36" living room TV with 5 speakers surround audio and had a 2 men multiplayer Halo game. Yeah, I know there's Halo 2, but I've never completed my Halo on PC. Derek and I aren't fantastic as a team (but were working on it) still we managed to clear 5 levels (2 of which got us really lost). Adding to the overall gaming experience, we ordered pizza and chicken drumlets delivery and drowned down lots of Pepsi. That's why I really feel my throat is protesting at the moment... Can't fall ill, I have another date with Halo is weekend!

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  1. had a blast with halo on pc too! didn't finished it as I changed pc and didn't reinstall the game. stopped at the library with the flood hordes coming at you like nobody's business.

    hi! thanks for the note. u have a nice day and wishing u peace and joy!



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