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Last year I had the honour of completing a Gospel of Luke course with Fr. Ambrose Vaz. This year, I covered the Gospel of Matthew with Mgr. Eugene Vaz. Both were excellent teachers and a great instrument for Christ's teachings. Fr. Eugene Vaz provided some really valuable notes that are gems on their own. The classes this year were also much longer, partly because Luke was a shorter gospel but more because there were just so much Fr. Eugene wanted to impart. In all, I missed 2 classes and was 1/2 asleep (okie, practically sleeping) for another. We also missed a session during the week that JPII passed away. So all in all, it was a very tight 3 months. I've yet to fully digest the contents presented in all the notes and probably will need to take time to run through them slowly.

Looking ahead at my spiritual course of learning, I'm hoping to put aside an evening in a week (with breaks in between courses) throughout the year. My next class will begin again in June with something from Fr. Arro. Honestly, I can't really recall what's it about, perhaps something on Church Community or something. I've also started looking into the programs of SPI, many are interesting, but Highland Road just sound so inaccessible...

Fr. Eugene was right to say that many are starting to thirst to learn more about the word of God, but more importantly should be the way we actually practice the word.

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