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Watching Star Wars have become like a social event. Friends gather for the premiere screening, rush to purchase tickets weeks before the film arrives, dress for the occasion and cheer when the huge characters of "STAR WARS" flashed onto the silver screen. It's a proud moment for fans when John Williams trademark SW anthem blast through the cinema speakers. I was tempted to bring along my pseudo light saber from the Perth Royal Show, but it was a working day and it was just too much a hassle to carry.

It has taken Georgie 28 years to complete the 6 films since 1977. My 1st and still my very favorite would still have to be "The Empire Strikes Back". Who could ever forget the opening scene when the Star Destroyer rambles through with a low shot and the entire cinema shook! And the dog fight with the TIE fighters! It was cool x100! I guess SW was my entrance to movie magic before I became absorbed by all those fantasy flicks. So it wasn't surprising that my animation major; the "Coco & Molly Trilogy" followed after the last 3 Episodes (in little ways). Kenny would vague that those were the days :)

"Revenge of the Sith" was a redemption to the hopeless 1st 2 episodes. Despite all the cool animation effects, I wasn't blown away. Perhaps we all knew too well the story of why, how and when Anakin became Darth. Ewan still sucked and the dialogue extremely crappy; but very SW. Overall it was still an adventure, there will be round 2 for sure. Then we should attempt one of those SW DVD marathon, all 6 at 1 go!!! Anyone?

Till then "May the force be with you"...


  1. Naty Nu! Yupz, Revenge of the Sith is not that great as the first original trilogy, but sure is sad that this will be the last SW film to be shown in the cinema *sobz*

  2. Heard rumours that there are 3 episodes after "Return of the Jedi" that Gorgie had commissioned to made. Dunno how true... In the books, Han and Leia had a pair of twins or something...


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