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I think I'm having a LOTR overdose. Spent the entire Vesak Day replacement Monday watching the 3 extended versions. My entire head was so flustered with Middle Earth I had to take 2 panadols towards dinner. Each part of the trilogy comes in 2 DVDs and have at least 30 - 45 mins additional footage. That makes each movie around 4 hours long totaling a whooping 12 hours! So the 1st movie "The Fellowship of the Ring" started at 10am and "The Return of the King" at 11:30pm. It would be perfect timing with a shower in between, but unfortunately I dozed off for 2 hours in the afternoon which screwed my timing. So I'm left with the 2 and last disc of the final installment to complete. I'm hoping I can watch it within the week, but I have some serious household chores to catch up on.

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