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Forget about "30-second spot" and "prime time." Here's the newer lingo as brand advertising moves to the Internet.

1) Adverblog
A mock Web log that's actually an ad, pioneered by Wieden+Kennedy's campaign to promote Sega's ESPN NFL Football game.

2) Mouseover
A user interacts with the ad (sometimes inadvertently) by rolling the cursor over it -- without even having to click.

3) Roadblock or Takeover
An advertiser pays up to $1 million for all the ad space for a full day on the home page of Yahoo, MSN, or AOL (sometimes all three).

4) Viral Films
Short film downloads from the Web. Pioneered by BMW, which hired acclaimed Hollywood directors to make 10-minute films starring its cars.

5) Webisodes
A twist on viral films: Advertiser-produced series that draw consumers to the brand's Web site. Pioneered by American Express.

6) Skyscraper Ad
Vertical column running along the side of a Web page.

7) Rich Media
Ads with animation, video, audio, or interactivity. May use techniques such as float, fly, and snapback: animations that jump out from the ad and sail over the home page before retreating to their original space.

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