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Last week was a roller coaster ride, both physically and emotionally. Looking back at my calendar, I've been packing in a lot of activities. So much so that as of now... I'm just pain tired.

I've been on the move and very hectic since the end of the Choice Camp weekend. Numerous follow-ups on top of starting a 10 weeks 'Journey in Prayer' session with the Daugthers of St. Paul in search of my vocation in life. Out of the 7 days I have in a week, I've decided that I should spend 1 night to deepen my faith knowledge and since yesterday, have started on my study on the Eucharist with Fr. Arro. More so these days, I've been realtively serious in getting the right message for my life's direction.

Aquarama 2005, originally uploaded by natashayong.

The weekend started off with a trip to the Expo for Auqarama 2005; which I have to admit was pretty enjoyable. I'm not crazy over fishes, but I was able to appreciate the champion breeds in their finest glory. Sharon and I feel in love in a pair of Moon-tail fighting fish. 1 black like darkness (BS A6-02) and the other in splender pearl white (BS A7-09). We called them Ying and Yang. Then there's another yellowish-gold finned beauty with a tinted blue body (BS A10-13) that had a “Category Champion” sign pasted above the tank. She was the most beautiful fish I've ever seen. Just in case you are wondering what those numbers represent... we actually enquired about the cost Ying and Yang, thinking we might take them home if the prices were right... but they were in the high hundreds... and I'm really not that into fishes.

Sharon enjoyed herself the most – “she likes fish”. I sorta figured her love for these marine creatures but it came to light how much she really liked them in our overnight wee hour conversation.

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  1. Amazing pictures!!!

    I really enjoyed myself at the Aquarama show! Impressed that you were with me going through tank, after tank, after tank.... combing the whole exhibit. Thank you, my friend!

    I also remember the Food Fair and watching 'the shutter' at your place while eating the $4 instant noddles dinner.

    Not to mentioned, the deeper understanding of each other through Our Wee Hour Chat ^_^

    I do agree we are getting older and can't take late nights well. But, it's good! Friendship bonding!


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