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The month of June is going to hurt my bank account and savings quite a bit. Namely for these reasons:
1) Shopping
It's the Great Singapore Sale! I've been very careful purchasing replacements (or additions) to my wardrobe, but I still want to buy these stuff
a) Low heeled office shoes
b) Slip in office sandals
c) Jeans skirt
d) Hot dress (mainly for Wedding Dinners)
e) Nice blouses for various occasions
f) Bodyshop toiletries consumables

Stuff which I have already splurged on:
a) Teva Terra-fi Women Sandals (about 30% discount)
b) 2x Tangs T-Shirt (buy 1 get 1 free)
c) Tangs off white cargo pants (70% discount)
d) Future State blouse (20% discount)

I'm eagerly awaiting Mango's sale next week. I'm such a sucker.

2) Birthdays
Why are most of my friends Gemini? And they're not just any friends. They're friends you'd want to buy something special for or have a nice dinner with. The blow to the wallet has been so server we're staggering our present giving.

3) Wedding
My cous ties the knot this month. No extra explanation required.

4) Father's Day
Dinner = $$$

5) Vacation
Coming soon... the agency wants our $$$. We're doing some snorkeling and elephant trekking, and all at additional cost! Then there's more shopping!

It's all good - Not so for my wallet.

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