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Olympics IOC Singapore July, originally uploaded by natashayong.

The bid for the 2012 Olympic Games have been heating up in Singapore as the 5 competing cities (Paris, London, Moscow, Madrid and New York) make their final presentation here in Singapore. In a span of a weekend, there’s suddenly a surge of Political figures, Royalties and Athletic Stars all in support for their host country. Despite our “secure” re-enforcements, we’re suddenly in more treat then ever. Wonder if anyone if keen to blast all 100 of IOC members all at one sitting? If possible, I’d be avoiding the Marina and Suntec areas, mainly to escape unnecessary traffic jams and blocked roads.

I will however be very keen to catch the full day telecast of each country’s 1 hour presentation. Especially Luc Besson’s directorial hand in Paris’ number. It’d also be most interesting to soak in the 2 year preparation of envisioning what the scale and structure of the next Olympic Games will be like. In 2 days, 4 cities will leave wasting years of efforts and millions of dollars, 1 will bring the whole world back home in 2012… my bet is on Paris… but I’ve stopped gambling…

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